Dreams of a young girl

Most little girls plan their weddings down to the napkins on the tables. They know exactly what they want their grooms to wear, even if they don’t know for sure who the groom will be. They know exactly what the Pastor, Minister, Priest, or Rabbi will say. The dress is the center focus… However, I never planned any of those things. I was always the one that thought that true love just wasn’t for me.

A few years ago I began allowing myself to consider the possibility that there really was someone out there that was perfect for me… I just hadn’t found him yet. I started thinking about what I wanted in a relationship… what I needed… A dream began to form. Not of the wedding, but of a life. A storybook ending where the last lines read “and they all lived happily ever after.” Then I got the brilliant idea to write my perfect man. To create him in my stories until I found him in real life. Eventually I will find my other half. He may not be perfect and I hope he’s not. You see, I have plenty of flaws of my own, so I need someone with a few. However, he will be perfect for me. He will compliment me in every way. Heck, it would be even more wonderful if he would do the dishes, which is the only chore that is the bane of my existence. (Haha!)

My writing is in an effort to give hope to the many people waiting on their own “Happily Ever After”. You are not alone. Some day yours will come. I hope that you will have the strength to grab it with both hands and hold on for dear life. Life is too short for regrets. Never regret what you could have had, if you had only let love into your heart. Instead embrace it with open arms and enjoy the ride. It may be short or it may be long… just enjoy the ride.

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