First Sale

I had my first official sale on January 21, 2016. I’ve sold a few poems and a few songs, but this was a short story. I had my first sale for a short story!

It was like a dream that had finally come true. At the same time it was something full of fear. I worried and worried that they had sent the email to the wrong person, that they didn’t really want my story. Then I slowly came to the realization that they actually liked it! They truly liked my story! My bravery and persistence had finally paid off! I had a contract! Years of saying “I’m a writer” had finally become “I’m a writer with a story coming out.”

A short story may not be much to some, but to me… It’s so much more. It’s a path that’s been followed for years and I’m finally able to realize that I’ve accomplished one goal – one thing that I really wanted to do. I don’t know if the excitement will ever wane, but it’s such a grand thing to feel.

If you have a dream, don’t let it go. Don’t listen to those that tell you that it’s not worth pursuing. Don’t listen to those that tell you not to waste your time. Don’t listen to those that tell you you’re not good enough. Instead listen to your heart. Listen to those that say “this is really good!” They mean it and they want the best for you. Surround yourself with people that truly care for your success becauseĀ in the darkest days, they can remind you just how much your dreams mean.

Here’s to the future! May it ever be bright and full of promise. If the light dims, remember to stoke the flame with compliments to yourself. Remember to promise yourself that you’re worth following your dreams. Don’t ever give up because if you do, you’ll never know how close you were to success.

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