Coming Soon – Specials of Sector 33

Hi! I’m proud to announce that the first book in my Specials of Sector 33 series is coming soon! The Specials of Sector 33 is a Sci-Fi based series of stories about an elite investigative force known as the Specials. The title of book one is Murder and Mayhem (M and M) and it’s heading to my editor today. This story is a bit different than my last one, and might be a bit of a surprise. I should be reviewing covers for M and M next week!! The blurb is below:

In the year 3022 climate change has taken it’s toll on the Earth and caused mass chaos. The world has been divided into Sectors, each governed by itself with complete autonomy. The widower Commissioner of Sector 33 established an elite investigative police force known as the Specials in order to find his wife’s killer. Shan Renau, a member of the Specials, is unprepared for what is coming her way. Her brother, Mac Renau, was amongst the first group of Specials and was murdered in the line of duty when she was a young girl. Her latest case has now brought her an opportunity to put things to right. Now, Shan has a chance to bring the one responsible for his death to justice – even if it destroys everything she believes in. Unfortunately, everyone is suspect

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