All Her Men (Queen’s Men Series: Book One)

On August 6th, Brina revealed her latest cover, for All Her Men, in a cover reveal hosted by Give Me Books. All Her Men is currently up for preorder on Amazon at an introductory price of $0.99. The release day for All Her Men is August 27th. To celebrate the release day, Brina is holding a Facebook Party with several other authors at 5pm CST. The title is “Who Stole My Hero?” She invites you to attend, so bring a hero, borrow a hero, or steal a hero and join the fun for a chance to win some prizes!

All Her Men is the first in Brina’s Queen’s Men series and packs quite a punch. It began with the question: What if Scotland had voted Yes on the Referendum? In this Alternate Universe Romance we see what this country might have done if free. We also see the hardships that might have occurred in this vulnerable time — those that would try to take advantage of the situation and those that would try to put an end to the newly independent country. However, we also see how strong the Scottish people are and what lengths they will go to, to protect their loved ones…


2015 was a turbulent time…
As the world anxiously watched, Scotland voted for political freedom from England.
With the vote, frumpy Amelia MacRory became Scotland’s only hope. As the last direct descendant of Mary Queen of Scots, fire ran in Amelia’s blood. Only she could defend the rights of the people. After being kidnapped from her American home in the dead of night—and almost killed in the process—she was forced to become Queen of Scotland. And as a killer closes in, the Royal Scottish Guards must step in and protect her — whether she likes it or not.
Can she survive a world of intrigue, subterfuge, and assassins that have been designed to bring down the newly independent country? Or will she lose it all—including the man she loves…?



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