I was talking with a friend this morning and realized something. I have become so connected to the world that I have become disconnected from my life. I have all of these things to do, but I’m not really accomplishing them well. It’s like Franklin Covey said, when we multi-task we substitute quality for quantity/efficiency. My quality of life has suffered from trying to do too many different things.

I work about 80 to 90 hours a week between my day job and my business and I’m always exhausted. I’m immune deficient, have severe asthma, my body has decided to quit absorbing nutrients, and I have chronic pain. My doctors think I have an underlying autoimmune that they’re just not seeing yet.

That “yet” worries me. It worries me because that means this is the beginning of whatever horrendous thing my body has developed. That means that this “thing” will get worse before they figure out what it is… I’m not sure I can handle worse… My doctor has a great plan though. His plan is to overwhelm my body with nutrients and force it to work. Cause that’s been going great so far…

I’ve decided to go a different route. I’m following in M.V. Freeman’s footsteps and taking control of my life. I’m pulling back from some things, so that I can focus on other things. If it seems like I’m ignoring you, I promise that I’m not. I’ll get to the things you need from me soon. If you’re wanting to chat with me about my books then I’ll be on social media for one hour, three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). I’ll add in a Saturday once a month. I’ll check emails and send off replies for 15 minutes every morning.

I need to devote more of my time to living and less on social media. I miss having conversations in person. I want to disconnect more. I want to meet new people and talk about world experiences. I honestly had more fun before I became “connected”. I miss fun.

I honestly want to implement some strategies in my life that might be able to help with my health. It’s time for me to improve myself. I’m going to try to document my journey back to a healthier self here, where I also talk about my books. I want to merge the two into one life and one goal. I hope you guys will stick with me on this new journey because I need all of the support I can get. Right now, I spend too much of my time at doctor’s office. If it was blood sugar or cholesterol I could fix it by eating healthier. This is going to take that and much more.



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